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Deadlines for receipt of proposals in IFCPAR/CEFIPRA under Seminars/Workshops/Training Schools Scheme is throughout the year.   If you are a new user, please register first.
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Seminars/Workshops/Training Schools

CEFIPRA organizes seminars/workshops in topics of current relevance and interest to both India and France. Such events help in initiating interactions among scientists and technologists of the two nations and are expected to result in collaborative research projects. For a seminar to be organised under CEFIPRA,

  • Involvement of at least 4 or 5 leading groups from different institutions of each country should be there.
  • Involvement of the young scientists of the hosting country as a part of the attendees is encouraged
  • Participants are expected to be present during entire duration of the seminar

The following are necessary for submission of proposals of seminars/workshops.

  • Seminar proposal must be jointly submitted by a French and an Indian coordinator.
  • Seminar can be either held in India or in France.
  • There can be maximum 15-20 participants from the host country and 10-15 participants from the other country.


  • The coordinators of the seminar should register their ID and details (using Register Now) and complete their profile in the system before filling the application. Coordinators will receive a mail from the system once their ID is registered and they can complete their profile in the system. The coordinator who takes initiative to fill up the application can add other coordinator by entering his/her registered ID.

Project Joint Submission Agreement (signed by both Principal Coordinators)

  • The proposal should be jointly formulated by both the Principal Coordinators. The Project Joint Submission Agreement should be downloaded, signed by both the Principal Coordinators and submitted/uploaded.

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