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High Impact Research Programme

CEFIPRA has been traditionally associated with bridging of individual scientists of two countries in collaborative mode. After 35 years, a rich plethora of scientists and scientific group are well networked. The present call is launched to invite successful nationally funded scientific groups to create a high scientific level network in following domains One Health and Data Science for the two countries.

I. One Health

The close interaction between human, animal and environmental health is the central driver for a multidisciplinary "one health" approach of fighting emerging or re-emerging diseases as well as non communicable disease. All the disciplines, from epidemiology to social sciences can participate in a global understanding of the emergence of new infectious diseases and of the increase of non communicable diseases , as well as setting the best tools and practices to treat or manage them.
This call will favor multidisciplinary projects addressing the following challenges:
- prevention and treatment of infectious diseases and non communicable diseases ;
- prevention and detection of the emergence of novel pathogens;
- prediction and fight against pathogen resistance.

II. Data Science

Data science which relies on analysis of existing data, followed by designing and developing models based on the data analysis to make predictions, has become immensely popular for its application in many different branches. This call of CEFIPRA focuses on application of computational data science on solution of problems of interest in physics/ chemistry or and biology. The call also includes any methodological development, eg in handling small data sizes in materials science problem.